Thursday, March 1, 2012

One of the songs in this year 'World Day of Prayer' with the focus on justice.

Beauty for brokeness, hope for despair,

Lord, in Your suffering world this is our prayer.

Bread for the children, Justice, joy , peace,

Sunrise to sunset, Your kingdom to increase!

Shelter for fragile lives, cures for their ills,

Work for the craftsmen, trade for their skills

Land for the dispossessed, rights for the weak,

Voices to plead the cause of those who can't speak.

God of the poor, friend of the weak,

Give us compassion we pray

Melt our cold hearts, let tears fall like rain

Come, change our love from a spark to a flame.

Refuge from cruel wars, havens from fear,

Cities for sanctuary, freedoms to share.

Peace to the killing fields, scorched earth to green,

Christ for the bitterness, His cross for the pain.

Rest for the ravaged earth, oceans and streams

Plundered and poisoned - our future, our dreams

Lord, end our madness, carelessness, greed

Make us content with the things that we need.

Lighten our darkness, breathe on this flame

Until Your justice burns | brightly again

Until the nations learn of your ways,

Seek Your salvation and bring You their praise.