Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lemon Tree Guessing Competition

Hello the Lemon tree has now finished its huge crop a total of 546 big juicy Lemons picked over the last 6 months. Gordon is the competition winner his guess was 265. I was the lowest with 100.

In the mean time it is loaded with a new crop which is yielding fruit already. Would you like to guess the number by faith? Most are still green so difficult to see with a picture.

Love Mum and Dad XX

Friday, November 4, 2011

Karri Valley Continued

This was the view over the lake from our front window. We were reminded of Psalm 19:1-2 every day.

The last day it rained so no walks just indoor activities. We managed five games of scrabble. Mum is ahead in the competition presently.

I think I have worked it out with the photos we will see.

The birds were very friendly and actually took the food out of our hands when we ventured out on the varandah.

Hi again

We went for walks and discovered a walk through tree as you can see.

Can't work out how to get the photos lined up with the commentary so will do a separate post.

We were also given a voucher for the restaurant so we tried various dishes that looked like the ones on the cooking shows.

Karri Valley Resort


Mum and I just returned from a wonderful four days in Karri Valley Resort. This was a thank you gift from the church fellowship for our time with them over the last eight years.

As the pictures will show it is just a picture.

It also enabled lots of walks every day Mum even braved the swinging bridge which she said gave her a funny feeling.

The waterfall behind the swinging bridge was flowing well as there had been some rain the week before we came and it is fed by a spring.