Friday, October 14, 2011

Whale Watching

As in the previous post on the blog we continue to celebrate Nellie's birthday. The four children kindly gave her a watching the whales voucher (which included me as I had to keep an eye on Nellie)

Well we went early to make sure we didn't get stuck in the traffic and arrived over an hour before departure time.
We had to sign so we wouldn't sue the company in case one of us got swallowed by a whale etc.

You will see Nellie posing full of expectation in front of the vessel that took about 60 of us.

However it wasn't long in the journey with a 2 meter swell and choppy conditions that our birthday girl felt seasick (as did over half of the other passengers) and needed a special bag for those occasions, and seeing my fair maiden in such a condition and smelling the content I turned green around the gills but managed to stay strong for my damsel in distress (someone had to get fresh bags).

Later the tour operator said that the whales were keeping their distance as they were protecting their calves. We saw a few adults and calves at a distance a couple of tails and one splash and some dolphins. So we did not have the 'eye to eye contact' that our son Peter had when he went whale watching.

However it was great, thank you very much for your gift it was a great experience and the memory (feeling) will stay with us for a long time.

Love you all XX

Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebrations continuing

After celebrating David's birthday and Mum's pending 70th we all went to Kallaroo to spend time with the Killow family.

We were wonderfully dined and wined.

We were entertained with musical items from both Alister and Hannah. Thank you very much!

We also went for a walk down the beach to work up an appetite and breath in the clear ocean air.

And the evening was continued with games of 'Padfinderen and UNO'

Anita stayed in Kallaroo for the night and Peter and David returned with us to Armadale. We have just brought them to the airport and they are on their way back to Rachael and family in Brisbane and Julie and family in Sydney. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Anita returns here tonight and will fly back to London and Tom and the family. Thank you also.

Love Mum and Dad, Jim and Nellie.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrating another birthday

With Peter, Irene, Anita and David all together and having celebrated David's birthday yesterday we thought it appropriate to celebrate Mum's coming birthday as well. The day started with opening presents as we did many years ago and all the children climbing into bed, that was worth a photo. We had a huge breakfast prepared by all and after we visited Omi in Armadale hospital (she is recovering from a broken hip operation) The family enjoyed a ride into the country side with a visit to a favourite dam to check the water level. It was a fabulous day. We also skyped with London and Sydney had a great meal of 'bruine bonen en spek' and a few games of take two. We just want to praise the Lord for a great time together.