Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello family and friends sorry it has been a while since our last post, however here a couple of photos from an early 91st birthday celebration for Omi taken in her cottage with Irene, James, Hannah and Alister. Omi hasn't been extra well and we would value your prayers for her and us as we seek to look after her. Love Mum and Dad, Opa and Oma XX


AKWA said...

Thank you 4 a delicious lunch and lemon cake....soo impressed by the abundance of your lemon tree..should post a photo!?. Truly wonderful to spend time with the birthday Oma.We love you Omi. xxxxx

2harewood said...

congratulations omi!!

and thank you for your recent card for reuben, lovely for the kids to get cards written in your hand, and for us to be able to tell them exactly how OLD you are!!!!! xxxxxx

love yoou