Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The birthday continues with the ladies Bible studies group

The Ladies Bible study also celebrated Nellie's birthday, a cake with her name and a musical candle that played happy birthday.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Birthday for Mum

We praise the Lord that Mum celebrated another birthday, we are also thankful for good health and strength after the operation 2 years ago. We also praise the Lord for His daily provision. As you can see we celebrated with a cake and a meal at the Elizabethian Village Restaurant just out of Armadale.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sydney Trip

Omi, Mum and I made the trip to Sydney for Ruby Oliphant's 90th birthday. You will see that Mum also made a speech and presented Ruby with flowers on behalf of the mission family.

The Brisbane Bosmas drove down for the occasion and 9 of us stayed at the ECM number 1 flat. During the day the Sydney Bosmas joined us so that made 12 and a half.

Most of the photos are self explanatory but if you need a little help please ask. They all have to do with having a good time, eating out, Chinese, and Thai, and eating at the flat and going to different parks (Pratten Park and and a great park near Randwick near the old brickyard) for the children (and adults) to play.

Sunday morning I took a picture of the Brisbane Bosmas leaving with their packed car, they brought their own bedding. I was just able to get the mattress (blue colour) hanging from two ropes from the ceiling.

David had arranged for all the boys to go to his church for an outreach event, beer tasting. The girls insisted on taking a picture before the boys left and one when we returned. They said on our return it was a success as we returned looking a lot happier! Can you tell?

The adults had great fun on the computer games brought for the children and the last evening we also managed a game of scrabble.

Monday morning we left for the West and I forgot to get a picture of Omi's hired commode being strapped to the roof rack of Julie's car but you get the idea as David drove through Sydney and dropped us of at the Sydney air terminal at 5am with car full of passengers and wheelchair and walker and luggage and the commode tied on the roof rack.

Well we are all back home after some happy days, we praise the Lord for safety in travel and many happy memories.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We were invited to spend a couple of nights in a lovely little cottage on Rottnest with the Killows. We took no pictures of the cottage but we did take pictures of us as we biked around the island and visited different places and did some real bird watching. There are over 30 different species of common birds seen on the island. Some migrate all the way from Siberia to feed on the lakes at Rottnest.

Most of you have visited the island in your time and seen the Quokkas, they were called Rats by the Dutch who first discovered as white seafarers passing through in search for lost seamen in 1696 by commander William de Vlamingh from which Rottnest derived its name.

They never found the lost seaman as far as we know.

We had a great time.