Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family visit to Holland

Our visit to Holland was disrupted by a day because of the volcano ash from Iceland, so instead of going by plane we went by train and ferry. The family day went well and 37 were able to come.

Nellie posed with some tulips and on our return to London we found a happy daughter and growing grand daughter.

We hope to return to Perth tomorrow.

Love Mum and Dad, Opa and Oma.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

London Spain London

Hi all
After leaving Nellie with Anita and Tom and the boys and our little grand daughter Stella Lucy to travel to Spain for the ECM trusties meetings and the Mission conference little did I think there would be all this air traffic chaos in Europe causing a 20 hour bus trip from Valencia to Calais and a ferry crossing and train trip to get back to London. PTL all went well.

The photo is taken in Regent Park when we went for a little stroll to see the tulips.

Nellie and I are booked to go across to Holland now with train and ferry to Hoek van Holland. Our visit to Holland to see Nellie's siblings has been cut short by one day so far, depending about return travel to London and Perth DV.

Love to all the family

Mum and Dad/Jim and Nellie/Opa and Oma

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stella Lucy prayed for at church

Hi Everyone

Another little update on Easter Sunday, Anita felt well enough to attend church Easter Sunday morning and little Stella Lucy Jones came also and as you can imaging was the 'star attraction.'

Tom and Anita were called forward during the service and the Good Friday born girl was prayed for and blessed on Easter Sunday. It was a celebration of praise to Jesus our Saviour and a special focus and ministry to the children with chocolate egg hunt included.

After the service Tom shouted the family to lunch at the pub across the corner from the church building.

Friday, April 2, 2010

More of Stella Lucy Jones

We kept taking pictures and felt we would like to share a few more with you as you couldn't be there so you can share in what was an awsome happening. It was lovely we could be there for the occasion. Love Mum and Dad/ Jim and Nellie/ Opa and Oma XX

Arrival of 12th grandchild Stella Lucy Jones

Hello Family I am happy to announce the save delivery of Anita and Tom's little girl to add to their family of three boys. Anita went into labour at about 3.30pm and the baby arrived at 5.10pm it went so quick that Tom delivered the baby and the midwife came in time for the after birth. Both Mother and daughter are doing well. PTL.

The three musketeers, Eddy, Seb and Roo will now have to take princess Stella Jones in their adventures.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Safe arrival in London

Hello Family and Friends

Just an other update. While we have safely arrived in London we were stuck in the underground for an extra hour and half as there was break in the Piccadili line at Kingscross we finally arrived at Marleybone where the Jones' now live the next stop after Baker Street.

We celebrated Tom's birthday on the 31st and also Shannon the aupair who turned 17 and shares the same date for her birthday with Tom. A good time was had by all. Anita had cooked a lovely roast. Young Reuben really stacked it away and enjoyed his food and company of course, happy to use both hands.

We were told we had brought the cold, rain and wind to London as it was nice weather before we arrived. It is still snowing further up North. And to think it is a balmy 34C back in Armadale.

Still no news on the baby will post some pictures when they come to hand. The Lord's blessing and love from Mum and Dad XX