Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peter's 40th

It was great having Peter over for his 40th birthday for a day and a half.

The day started with a sleep in and morning tea with Omi and after that we met up with the Killows in Kings Park where we had lunch.

And we cut the birthday cake and enjoyed a generous piece with a cup of coffee.

We needed another photo just for the record.

Well a couple of photos that is at Kings Park.

We returned home to enjoy 'bruine bonen met spek' for those in the know.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Showing Visitors around Perth

We had Ernie and Ruby Addicote from London staying with us for a few days so lots of photos were made here are some of them. Canning Dam and a picnic spot.

Going out requires a lot of eating so we also had fish and chips and salads in Fremantle.

Kings Park is a must for visitors so we had coffee there (Omi couldn't sleep well that night, not used to coffee at night) we felt like film stars having our picture taken where ever we went.